Whether behind the camera or in front of it I’ve always had a huge passion for the performing arts. Be it film, theatre, dance, or music I have a voracious appetite for capturing, being a part of, or just enjoying it as a member of the audience. And of course the beauty of photography is that it allows you to freeze a moment, to distill it, so you can hold it forever.

As well as specialising in photographing dance, theatre, and music events I also love to make portraits. Well I guess all of the above specialisms are forms of portraiture but working one to one or in small groups has a very different yet deeply rewarding feel.

Tango is an incredible thing and I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world dancing and photographing it. It is a truly amazing honour to have participated in so many extraordinary events and to have photographed some of the best Tango dancers in the world.

And the nature and landscape section of this website, well you can’t live somewhere as beautiful as Devon and not be inspired by it.

In sum I am an Exeter based photographer happy to photograph a range of subjects locally, nationally, and internationally.

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